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Kanhaiyalal was only two or three years old with his office, friends and friends, but the marriage took place after these people. Even after a long call, he did not leave more than a week for his wedding. Upon his return, his close friends also asked him the same questions as others, and then the experienced people given to the newlyweds were also consulted.

Hemraj found Kanhaiyalal reasonable. Hemraj explained that the daughter-in-law must love, but it was not good to spoil her or lift her head. If the woman is tired, the man must remain the slave of a Jupiter all the time. Satisfy your needs, but keep control. It’s a bad thing, but it’s not that the woman is not afraid of a man. The fear must be sure of him … If he is not killed, he will surely give you a guerrilla war. Three things, do not believe in one. Do not understand everything that can be done or done. He cares about your luck and your resentments. That your destiny will not be that of our Sahib. I was surprised to see that Emporium had picked up some items, then called the manager of the apartment and took the money. The woman said, “Let the carpet stay this month.” Say like a wet cat next month, “Good!” The man must keep the money and money in his possession. The owner is a man, he is a man.

During Kanhaiya’s wedding, the total number of constellations was such that the daughter-in-law was not ready to say goodbye. There was no more permission, so the bride’s speech was “finished”. In a way, well done. Hemraj wrote to Kanhaiya-read before believing that he understands that you can not live without him or that you are very happy. Keep your desire, understand. The woman and the casting are the only ones. The effect of the behavior of the first day is always present. It is only then that you say “Gurbara Varroja top kushtan” – If you have your hands on the first day, as soon as the cat arrives, the path does not take. … you say, you read, then you should be more careful. The reader also shows mood swings

Kanhaiya had linked to the disarmament given by Hemraj. Thinking – If I were to eat at the hotel market or make Chauka utensils, what is the point of marriage? So he brought Laajo to Delhi. The biggest problem is Delhi in Delhi. Babu, who worked on the Kanhaiya District Railways, gave him a quota of quarters and a cheap rental apartment instead of a kitchen. It took a hundred years.

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Lajwanti was at the eighth tribe in Aligarh. There was a lot of animation. There was also a lot left to kill girls or other women from other households. His father and older brother were old-fashioned. Accustomed to thinking that this happens after the wedding. If these things had been requested from Kanhaiya. Laajo said that Kanhaiya’s heart had refused, but assuming he would not be very upset, he refused two things and denied him the third. Laajo Flowers When Laajo blows, if she thinks that when she celebrates, she will accept, after all, she will celebrate. But Kanhaiya does not expect to party. A year and a half, he also hit. If the blow fell in anticipation of mercy, the heart would have been cut off, and Laajo alone would cry and cry. Then he thought, “Come on, what’s the point of luck?” He would accept defeat and talk to himself

Kanhaiya’s hand was only in the absence of anger when she first left, she began to learn her authority and power. Who will be the second to be drunk to learn his power? This drunken king settled all over the country, the owners buying a village in Gaion, Seth Mill and the banks. No limitation of this dependency. In this case, Kanhaiya’s hand would go without waiting for such anger.

Laajo had suffered physically from the slaughter, but more than that was the pain of humiliation. When this happens, he becomes depressed for several days. Do all the work at home. He answered the call. Even if he did not want to resist Kanhaiya’s wish, but he still thought about it, it was better to die. And then the time reduces the pain. Life was a desire to laugh and be happy. It looked like looting and Laajo laughed. We thought, “My husband is just like me, that’s all, I’m going to go as I wish.” Although Kanajiya was exposed at the end of Laajo, she climbed faster. that she is neutral and clean, the more she will find it in her dream.

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